Single Gender Fraternities Are Not Regressive – Our Politics Are.

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  People identify in many ways and for the foreseeable future many of those people will identify with a single gender. For that reason, single gender organizations will always be relevant, whether gender is determined chromosomal, chemical or neither.

Who Guessed It? Harvard People CAN Be Stupid!

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  The President of Harvard University and her equivalent of the Gestapo (administrators along the lines of Dean Vernon from Animal House) have essentially decided that any person who chooses to create an official title for his or her group of single-gendered … Continued

Self-Government: Teaching Students Responsibility Without A Safety Net

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  Some people build entire careers out of working with students who choose to join a fraternity or sorority. It is to be expected that those people want to do what they can both to help and protect the fraternity … Continued

Maybe Single-Gender Colleges Should Make a Comeback

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I had the lovely pleasure of a chapter brother (and writer of this post on FM) sending me an article noting the Harvard University Dean’s disregard for the 1st Amendment and right to associate with whom one pleases. It’s an interesting case, one that … Continued

Have Fraternities Accelerated Civil Rights in America?

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We’ve all gone through the Phired Up session. Handshakes lead to conversations.Conversations lead to relationships. Relationships lead to collaboration.Collaboration leads to organization. Organizations Change The World.  It’s a pretty simple formula. People getting together and discussing ideas is the basis … Continued