Would You Define Safe Space Again?

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At my most recent UIFI (a 5-day educational program that is one of the best programs for fraternity men/sorority women), a facilitator suggested the term “brave space” as opposed to “safe space” with the suggestion that not all can necessarily feel safe because one indicates they should.

I hadn’t really considered the value of that term at the time; I thought it was clever and worth utilizing, but after watching the above video I’m sure of what it means and why it’s necessary.

In the name of creating a safe space, a space for people who, ironically, just want everyone to get along, we have a crowd that is eager to do whatever it takes for only one side of a story to be told. It’s hard to say if the photographer was even in opposition to the demonstrations at the University of Missouri, but it is easy to see that the “right to walk” now means the right to walk through or into a person.

Almost as if the right to spray water from a hose justified its use against black protesters in the 60’s. The hate in the name of love demonstrated here is a perfect example of the type of speech meant to heal which divides instead.

Here is hoping that all can be addressed and resolve at Mizzou and that we begin to do a better job as professionals of deciphering aggressors. The response in the video from those employed by the university is atrocious.

To be clear. A public space is just that, a public space. That simple philosophy is why Jim Crow is no longer the law.