Hi, I’m Nik!

I am a fraternity man from Stetson University, served as a student leader throughout my college experience, worked for my national fraternity’s office, and now volunteer as an alumnus for my fraternity and others!

Having spent 8+ years working in the world of Greek Life, I quickly became disillusioned with the bureaucracies and politics in play at the national level, and the effects they were having on our ability to tackle problems. I’ve written FraternityMan.com for as long as I’ve worked as a fraternity professional, and the services below will bring many of the experiences and ideas from the blog to life for a better, student-led fraternity experience.

Consider working with me if you believe that quality education is adaptable, affordable, collaborative, and long-term. These services are based on years of experience creating real-world outcomes, not “Did you learn something?” surveys.

Not Different For The Sake Of Difference: Why To Choose Nik

  • My approach, philosophy, and practices are backed by results at the chapter and national level. (Check out “Experiences” in the Fraternity Man Blog to learn more about past work, successes & some failures within Greek Life).
  • Solutions from outside of the fraternity world – pulling from business, biology, and political/religious leaders.
  • No Scripts – No “pause for laughs,” this content is conversational, customized, and optional.
  • Not a business – This is a self sustaining passion and hobby. All profit is re-invested into new and better material.

4 Types Of Service

Niche Development / Recruitment

Take your chapter to new heights, create a consistent pipeline to recruit from, or build greater diversity/choice into your campus community or national organization:


From Growth To Good: How are the expectations of fraternities and sororities driving us to be less selective and less valuable to our communities? We will talk about how to create a relevant niche and some of the best practices to recruit the right fit.


Policy & Resource Review: How do your policies – even those not directly related to recruitment – and resources affect the ability of chapters to build a valuable, diverse, and effective community? (Available “In-Person” or via Distance Coaching)

Real-World Leadership

Fraternity Leadership Programming is BROKEN. We can’t keep relying on feel-good memories and surveys to sell our programs, we need professionals focused on real-world outcomes. These are mid- to long-term coaching services.

Campus Activism: We will work together to strategically craft a movement and communication campaign to improve self-government, decision rights, and policy fairness at the campus level.

National Activism: Working with students, chapters and alumni, we’ll explore your organizations governing processes and create pressure or get-out-the-vote campaigns to institute real-world change. 

Decision Rights Policy Review

We all want better fraternity communities. Are your policies helping you get there? Are your policies burdening members and advisers with busy work? Let’s fix it.


Rules & Culture Change: We’ll cover the value of rules, their limitations, and walk through some tested ideas and practices to make sure our rules are relevant, enforceable and effective. 


Policy & Standards Review: Let’s take a look at your policies & Standards/Accreditation program, acknowledge blindspots, potential side-effects, and new, progressive ways to reach your intended outcomes by giving students greater control over their experience.

History, Tradition & Culture

Rebuild your educational programming to captivate members by intertwining it with your organization’s or campus community’s history, traditions, and/or ritual.

Highlights From History will combine your organization’s or campus community’s past and development with relevant learning outcomes to create programs and curriculums relevant to you and enchanting for your members! (Great for improving a “new member education” experience)

Real World Ritual: Unique programming available to Delta Sigma Phi & Delta Upsilon chapters to develop educational programming based on the teachings and symbols from your ritual (combined w/history – It’s Super Effective!)

Please use the contact form below to explore whether these services are a fit for your goals and a quote. 

General InquiryService Consultation

Pricing & Planning Guidelines

Beta Stage – I’ll be testing out programs and resources until May 2019 and so the introductory pricing is simply meant to cover basic costs. Workshops begin at $500 per half-day (plus a flight if 150+miles of travel is required) or at $75/hr.

Student Consent- We ask for consent. Please don’t plan the above workshops or consultations as mandates for entire communities or as a part of sanctions. There is no need for students to resent being in the room.

In addition to the temporary discount above, the following discounts may apply:

  • Independent fraternity councils receive a 15% discount (Excluding travel – If your school isn’t going to offer support then someone should.)
  • Chapters in the same town or on the same campus can jointly purchase services at a 15% discount (excluding travel).
  • Chapters of Delta Sigma Phi can receive a history/ritual workshop free of charge (excluding travel or any customized local-level history programming)

Where To Start: Real reform starts with recruitment, so consider starting with “niche-development” services, then test out the cultural offerings to sustain a new and improved direction!

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