What Gets Measured Gets Managed: Those Years I Managed Teen Lifeguards

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It was my third or fourth day as a lifeguard, my tan was hitting its stride, and I came to the final stop in my rotation around the pool before I could take a break out of the sun. I … Continued

Study: ‘Rise In Student Perfectionism Since 1990’s’ & How Greek Life Can Help Course Correct

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  I was never paid to get a “C,” nor an “A” or “B.” If I wasn’t working as my parents had when they were children, I was at least expected to excel at my childhood work: school work. 

Student Choice: A New Era of Fraternity Accreditation. Think “Cultural Credits”

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While a student at Stetson University I was expected to complete a certain number of “Cultural Credits” to graduate. These credits were awarded for attending any number of programs or events within a week, including speakers or visiting a local … Continued

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