What Gets Measured Gets Managed: Those Years I Managed Teen Lifeguards

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It was my third or fourth day as a lifeguard, my tan was hitting its stride, and I came to the final stop in my rotation around the pool before I could take a break out of the sun. I … Continued

Why Today’s Fraternity Men May Never “Be Like Their Fraternity Founders”

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Delta Sigma Phi is a national fraternity with 6,000+ undergraduate members at 110+ institutions and was founded by fewer than a dozen teenagers at the City College of New York on this day in 1899. Neat! At the time the … Continued

Shrink To Grow – My Experience Running Greenfeather at Stetson

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I often suggest, on this website and elsewhere, that fraternities and sororities are operationally bloated and that our attention often turns to how much more our governing headquarters or campus offices can do or charge or spend.

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