3 Things to Track Instead of Service Hours

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  I’ve tracked some 500 hours across the spectrum of high school and college – and I don’t feel like much of a better person for doing it. I feel more like someone trying to have my sense of entitlement … Continued

Community Service Is Not A Self-Help Technique: Stop Tracking Hours

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  “This seems like a lot more stuff for members to do than last year,” stated the person attached to the raised hand. “We are not going to lower our standards,” said the leader of the group, after just having … Continued

Serve Where You Are Needed – “Fraternity Service Man,” A Story.

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The boy could not quite grasp why his entry did not qualify. Had he not put in the proper effort? Did he misread the expectations? Was this a miscommunication or too direct a communication? For three months, the Fraternity Man … Continued

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