Breaking Down My Fraternity’s Preamble (Beyond Memorization) | YITBOS

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New members of Delta Sigma Phi memorize the Preamble to the Constitution prior to their initiation. Many forget it shortly thereafter, and few are required to or ever take time to analyze its meaning, which is strange; It explains the … Continued

Student Choice: A New Era of Fraternity Accreditation. Think “Cultural Credits”

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While a student at Stetson University I was expected to complete a certain number of “Cultural Credits” to graduate. These credits were awarded for attending any number of programs or events within a week, including speakers or visiting a local … Continued

YITBOSCon 2017 & My Run For Grand Council

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I attended my first Delta Sigma Phi Convention in 2011, just two weeks after starting a full-time position at the Fraternity’s headquarters. Here’s a photo from that time:   I wore ill-fitted suits and ran around the smoldering, muggy heat … Continued

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