Hazing, Suicide, Zero-Tolerance, Afghanistan & Bankruptcy – How Governing Organizations Fall Apart

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More than half of the chapters closed during my time working at my fraternity headquarters did so due to some combination of low membership and excessive debt. Many of the rest closed due to risk concerns. The same issues will … Continued

New Member Education: Creatively & Effectively Outgrow Hazing Without Banning Things

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The 8 week maximum placed on pledging a fraternity was put in place to curb hazing. In practice, however, chapters adjusted by continuing to haze “JI’s” (Just Initiated) through their first year. 

New Fraternity Members – Don’t Wait Until You’re Initiated

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Dear person who is interested in joining a fraternity|sorority and who may have been bullied as a kid, You may hold the key to addressing some of fraternity’s (and society’s) acknowledged problems.

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