Lifelong Commitment Vs. Lifelong Membership: Why Many Fraternities/Sororities Struggle To Keep Alumni Around

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Almost every alumnus will be called upon to give their time or to give financially to their fraternity or sorority – bound by an oath many made before they were able to drink (legally).

Why Have 84% of Deaths Due To Hazing Occurred At Public Institutions & Should We Ban Them?

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Ohio State University recently placed a moratorium on fraternity activities due to the sheer number of investigations taking place. It joins a list of exclusively public, flagship institutions in 2017 to take such action, though unlike Louisiana State and Florida … Continued

Student Choice: A New Era of Fraternity Accreditation. Think “Cultural Credits”

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While a student at Stetson University I was expected to complete a certain number of “Cultural Credits” to graduate. These credits were awarded for attending any number of programs or events within a week, including speakers or visiting a local … Continued