New Fraternity Members – Don’t Wait Until You’re Initiated

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Dear person who is interested in joining a fraternity|sorority and who may have been bullied as a kid, You may hold the key to addressing some of fraternity’s (and society’s) acknowledged problems.

Defining The Pinnacle Of Leadership: Chief Law

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Why is a 2018 dollar bill worth so little compared to a 1913 dollar bill? In short, our banks have created many more dollars, diminishing the demand for and value of “the dollar.” Inflation is not restricted to currency. A … Continued

The Good Old Days: Bro-Dances Pt. 1 – The Dances

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The Good Old Days are a category of posts dedicated to remembering the good and bad times of fraternity life. For those who just want to enjoy or learn more about the fraternity experience – dedication, drama, leadership and all … Continued

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