Who Guessed It? Harvard People CAN Be Stupid!

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A place for learning, not for thinking.


The President of Harvard University and her equivalent of the Gestapo (administrators along the lines of Dean Vernon from Animal House) have essentially decided that any person who chooses to create an official title for his or her group of single-gendered friend groups would no longer have access to certain leadership positions or scholarships on campus.

Be fully aware: This has nothing to do with sexual assault. Driving single-gender groups underground to protect their member’s identity only makes their activities more risk-prone. Students who may have at one point called the police to save the life of another may be more concerned with whether or not they lose their ability to attend America’s most “prestigious” university.

A better solution? Divide Harvard into an all-male and all-female school. As we outlined in a recent blog post, what better way to prevent sexual assault than to institute moats and strict curfews with the threat of expulsion?

In some ways; Harvard’s progressive, unquestionable, intellectually superior overlords have instituted the same level of ridiculousness with this figurative moat dividing hundreds of students from their capacity to make the most of their mind.

UPenn’s old women’s dorm, surrounded by a moat back in the day to protect them from heathens (human men).


Here’s the deal, anything resembling a fraternity or sorority at Harvard will be punished for existing. Not for their actions as a group, not for their beliefs, but for existing. The very act of associating and occasionally living with people of one gender is now immoral.

Imagine a group of women who go bowling. They call their bowling squad “Rho, Rho, Rholl,” a funny play on the Greek letter “Rho.”

Should these women be barred from receiving scholarships for excluding men from their team? Speaking of teams. . .

Screenshot (51)

Will Harvard eliminate its NCAA for their single-gender status? They seem to be equally responsible for the regressive gender separation that Harvard has chosen to justify its actions in lieu of any actual evidence regarding fraternities and sexual assault.

Would Harvard eliminate a suicide support group designed to help men with problems they typically face by connecting them with other men who have found the same problems? What if it adopted a Greek-letter name? What if many of the men lived together to build esteem and friendship?

There is no reason to make a Constitutional argument. There is no need to make a “student empowerment” argument.

There is only one argument needed to effectively dismiss this action as ridiculous and ill-conceived: It is ridiculous and ill-conceived.

It is stupid. It is an absurd thought that this action and idea would have come from the best of the best of American mental talent. It is backwards, as backwards as moats and curfews. It’s Harvard, and it’s sad and disgusting.