Hi, I’m Nik. I created FraternityMan.com in 2014 to provide an independent and insightful look into the college fraternity experience. That mission stems from my experiences as a student leader, fraternity professional, and providing 3rd party services to fraternity organizations with LegFi, Plaid LLC, and as a volunteer.

Fraternity Man readers are highly engaged and loyal members of the fraternity/sorority community. I cover themes including organizational management, ethical leadership, fraternity history/culture, and grassroots activism within fraternity organizations.

What Makes Fraternity Man Different?

As a student, a staff member, and a fraternity leader, I was applauded as someone who “got it” … until I actually tried to put what I was taught about “leadership” into practice. Fraternity organizations, and the field of work built around them, are locked in a crisis mindset. We prioritize self-preservation above all else, and that does not jive with the declarations we make about “self-government” and “values-based decision making.”

So, on Fraternity Man, we combine an experienced, professional-grade opinion with creative, unrestricted thinking. We openly and honestly address the failures in fraternity leadership and identify new ways to improve and advocate for the fraternity experience. Read these; have some fun:


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KOUL is Nik’s company which provides creative solutions for small businesses and fraternity organizations including:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching/Consulting: Get out of your creative ruts
  • Facilitation Services: Fresh ideas and unique workshops for your staff team, board, or chapter.
  • Supplemental Content: Supercharge your initiatives with a boost of communication support