Hi, I’m Nik. I write about fraternity (and college fraternities). Thanks for checking out FraternityMan.com and Fraternity Manifesto. Please connect with me via email or through social media at the links below with any questions or requests related to my content.

What is Fraternity Man?

Fraternity Man is a site, blog, and content created by me and based on my experiences, observations, and opinions on the topic of fraternity and college fraternities. As an independent production, Fraternity Man offers an insider-turned-outsider perspective on topics like #Ritual, #Hazing, and beyond.

Should I care what Nik thinks?

No, ew, why? Well … I have an fantastic track record and my ideas are often creative, interdisciplinary, and technically unofficial … so … what have you got to lose? Really? 😉

More background: I have been hyper-involved with my fraternity since 2008, and with the inter-fraternal community since 2011. You can request a résumé, but weird facts are always more fun:

  1. I was given an award at the “Greek Awards” at Stetson University the year I graduated, but the award was basically created by Greek Life Director for myself and a sorority member. 😅So it was more of a very public gift, which may be the only type of award worth winning.
  2. In 2012, after my first full year working for the Delta Sigma Phi national office, I served as one of the last “Ambassadors” at a North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) meeting. It was basically an internship position.
  3. My time on the fraternity staff ended in February 2017. On April 1, 2017 I announced that I would run for the Fraternity’s Grand Council (basically a board of directors). I support the democratic processes of college fraternities and free association rights. That is apparent to anyone who has checked out the blog.

Does it get strange?

As a student, a staff member, and a fraternity leader, I was applauded as someone who “got it” … until I actually tried to put what fraternity and sorority leaders taught me about “leadership” into practice. There is a way for students and alumni to assert control over their fraternity experience, and I want to help.

So, on Fraternity Man, we combine an experienced, professional-grade opinion with creative, unrestricted thinking. On Fraternity Man, we openly and honestly critique the way fraternities operate while still promoting the fraternity experience. Read these; have some fun:


Consider it a strategy and guide to adapt college fraternities to 21st Century realities. Fraternity Manifesto is the philosophy behind Fraternity Man.

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