Hi, I’m Nik. I created FraternityMan.com in 2014 to provide an independent and insightful look into the college fraternity experience. That mission stems from my experiences as a student leader, fraternity professional, and providing 3rd party services to fraternity organizations with LegFi, Plaid LLC, and as a volunteer.

Fraternity Man readers are highly engaged and loyal members of the fraternity/sorority community. I cover themes including organizational management, ethical leadership, fraternity history/culture, and grassroots activism within fraternity organizations.

More About Nik

2007 – Joined Delta Sigma Phi at Stetson. Served in many positions, including Chapter President.

2011 – Graduated Stetson and worked at Delta Sigma Phi national office until 2017. First as a growth professional and then as Director of Fraternity Growth & Services. While at Delta Sig, Nik took part in one of the most successful periods of growth in the organization’s history, overhauled the national accreditation system, organized national initiatives for the American Red Cross, and worked with thousands of student and alumni members.

2014 – Started Fraternity Man (“Bond Fraternal” 2011-2013) to speak openly and candidly about leadership and the fraternity experience.

In the time since joining his fraternity, Nik has volunteered as an advisor in several men’s organizations, worked with or for companies providing services to fraternity members (Legacy Financial and Plaid LLC), and has facilitated programs and workshops for a variety of audiences.

What Makes Fraternity Man Different?

As a student, a staff member, and a fraternity leader, I was applauded as someone who “got it” … until I actually tried to put what fraternity and sorority leaders taught me about “leadership” into practice. There is a way for students and alumni to assert control over their fraternity experience, and I want to help.

So, on Fraternity Man, we combine an experienced, professional-grade opinion with creative, unrestricted thinking. We openly and honestly critique failures in fraternity leadership while still promoting the fraternity experience. Read these; have some fun:


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