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Podcasts are an accepted form of media today. More than 100 millions Americans listened to a podcast within the last month. Neilson reported in 2017 that 50% of U.S. homes are “podcast fans.” That reach has attracted fraternity and sorority organizations, including me and

I recently recorded episodes of the Fraternity Man Audio Blog. (on SoundCloud, YouTube, Stitcher, and coming soon to TuneIn/Apple) Additionally, there will be a standalone podcast series or two launching this month. So, I figured it’d be good to have a post linking to a variety of Fraternity/Sorority-themed podcasts. This list will be continuously updated as I learn of new podcasts.

Please let me know of other Greek Life podcasts on social media. (Connect via the links below)

Click on any of the images below to learn more about the Podcast and how you can listen.

Fraternity/Sorority Organization Podcasts

Official podcasts of fraternity/sorority organizations.

“Let’s Talk Tri Delta” by Delta Delta Delta (women’s social sorority)
“DG Talks” by Delta Gamma (women’s social fraternity)
Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity Podcast” by Alpha Xi Delta (women’s social fraternity)
“The TKE Nation Podcast” by Tau Kappa Epsilon (men’s social fraternity)
“The Sigma Chi Podcast” by Sigma Chi (men’s social fraternity)
“Sphinx Radio” by Alpha Phi Alpha (men’s social fraternity)
“PIKE Podcast” by Pi Kappa Alpha (men’s social fraternity)

Podcasts by Fraternity/Sorority Companies

Podcasts by companies which offer products and services to the fraternity/sorority market.

Elevate | GHC 2018
“Dyad Strategies Podcast”

Independent Fraternity/Sorority Podcasts

Podcasts related to the fraternity/sorority world by individuals and not a part of a fraternity/sorority organization or service-provider.

“The Cool Soror podcast” by Rashan Ali

Discontinued or Dormant Podcasts

Podcasts on this list have not been updated within the past year (as of July 2020). That said, some have dozens of episodes of interesting, relevant content. Check them out!

Subscribe to Podcast - Greek Life Today
“Greek Life Today” by Jon Moore
“The Fraternity/Sorority Life Podcast” by Matt Deeg on Apple Podcasts