15 Websites with Free Fraternity/Sorority Resources

Written By Nik Koulogeorge


Nov. 12, 2021


Nov. 21, 2021

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Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs said, "You cannot mandate productivity, you must provide the tools to let people become their best." Quality resources and supplemental learning material (like videos, articles, and advisory support) are essential for any leader to succeed in their role. Most fraternities and sororities organize officer training programs, but these live events only last for a few hours or days. Thankfully, some organizations publish free resources on their public-facing website for year-round support.

Listed below are more than a dozen organizations with free and public resources. Many are catered to the members, policies, and procedures of a particular organization, but can be adapted to the needs of your chapter with a little creative thinking. If you know of an organization with a public resource section that is not listed here, let me know on Twitter, Instagram, or via this website's Contact page.

(Note: Be sure not to edit or replicate these resources for your purposes without permission of the owner and proper credit to the creator. It is one thing to utilize another organization's resource, but an entirely different thing to copy it and pass it off as your own.)

Fraternity/Sorority Organizations

Different organizations approach different topics with different worldviews. No two chapters of a fraternity/sorority are exactly alike, so you may find that another fraternity's resource speaks to the members of your chapter better than your own fraternity's content. The fraternity organizations below share resources on their public websites. If you ask me, this is a highly underrated form of interfraternalism.

Alpha Sigma Phi

In addition to downloadable PDFs, Alpha Sig offers a rich library of video resources and resources for specific topics like budgeting, health and safety, and virtual operations. Visit Alpha Sig's Resource Page.

Alpha Chi Rho

Alpha Chi Rho includes many fraternity-specific resources but also links to co-branded resources from other organizations like JED Foundation (mental health resources) and It's On Us (sexual assault). Their dining etiquette resources are another unique addition. Visit AXP's Resource Page.

Delta Chi

Delta Chi's resource page includes some toolkits and "60-day planning" resources which help it stand out among fraternity resource content. Visit Delta Chi's Officer Resource Page | Visit Delta Chi's Chairman Resource Page.

Delta Kappa Epsilon

One interesting thing about DKE's resource list is that some resource pages (the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access page, for example) link to other resources on the web, including Ted Talks and PDFs created by 3rd parties. You may uncover a different resource from a non-fraternity organization to help you get to where you need to be on DKE's site. Visit DKE's Resource Page.

Phi Delta Theta

Phi Delt's resources cater more specifically to their members and their organization than some of the other fraternities on this list, but they do have many resources on their public website. They include links to blog articles and partner pages. Visit Phi Delt's Resource Page.

Sigma Nu

Sigma Nu's resources are not all in one place. Among their drop-down menus are links for officer resources, volunteer resources, and so on. Click through their menu links to find the resources you need. For this list, I will link to their "Best Practices Library," which is a unique way to position resources around the traditional operations of a chapter. (There is an equivalent library for alumni/volunteers). Visit Sigma Nu's Best Practices Library Page.

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Sigma Phi Epsilon's website notes that many of its resources will be moved to their mySigEp portal, so some or all of the resources on its public site may disappear in the future. I'll remove SigEp from this list if/when its resources are no longer available to the broader interfraternal community. Visit SigEp's Resource Page.

Sigma Pi

There are plenty of resources for just about every category of fraternity operations on Sigma Pi's website, as well as links to webinar recordings (including a Vault tutorial by OmegaFi and a couple of recruitment webinars by PhiredUp). Visit Sigma Pi's Resource Page.

Tau Kappa Epsilon

You will find a variety of resources on TKE's page, but the most generally applicable ones fall under the "Chapter Resources." TKE's resource pages are set up almost like a Pinterest page, so it can take a moment for your eyes to adjust - just a little friendly warning. Visit TKE's Resource Page.

Other sites for Free Resources:

Fraternity Man

You may notice an "Attachments" section next to each Fraternity Man article. Here, you'll find extended reading, documents, or resources related to the topic of any Fraternity Man article (this article includes our Petition & Legislation Guide). Additionally, be sure to check out the "How To" tag for helpful Fraternity Man articles.

Holmes Murphy

The free resources provided by Holmes Murphy cover a variety of topics, but their primary focus is risk management and harm reduction. Many fraternity organizations (including some listed above) provide adapted versions of Holmes Murphy resources for their members. Visit Holmes Murphy's Resource Page.

Morehead State University

Goodness, it is difficult to find a university-based resource page that doesn't focus entirely on a school's specific policies, forms, and procedures. Morehead State's page includes some of that, but also generally helpful tools related to risk management. There are also council-based documents that can serve as templates for your interfraternal councils. Finally, there's a unique resource for people interested in working in fraternity/sorority life. Visit Morehead State's Resource Page.

North-American Interfraternity Conference

If you are an IFC officer, then the NIC's resource page may offer something for you. Most resources on this page are specific to the NIC's policies and Campus Support programs, and several are hidden behind a password for IFCs that pay dues to the NIC. That said, there are some free things here, like sample IFC bylaws. Visit NIC's Resource Page.

Phired Up

The people at Phired Up focus on organizational growth and relationship-building. Phired Up also has a regularly updated blog with informational/helpful articles for fraternity/sorority recruitment officers as well as a strong portfolio of video resources. Visit Phired Up's Resource Page.

Stop Hazing

What I can appreciate about Stop Hazing's website is that it includes guides for self-facilitated workshops. These types of resources are essential for year-round engagement. They also allow chapter leaders and advisors to organize meaningful conversations without feeling like they are receiving a lecture from a stranger. Visit Stop Hazing's Resource Page.

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