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Defining The Pinnacle Of Leadership: Chief Law

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Why is a 2018 dollar bill worth so little compared to a 1913 dollar bill? In short, our banks have created many more dollars, diminishing the demand for and value of “the dollar.”

Inflation is not restricted to currency. A bachelor’s degree has gone from qualifying one for any number of careers to serving as casual stepping stone in the hierarchy of diplomas. Another area that has been impacted by inflation: leadership.

There are hundreds of thousands of books, blog posts and articles attempting to instruct individuals on how to best be a leader. Many offer great advice or practices, but few, if any, offer any understanding of leadership as an economy. Why are so many people claiming to be experts on things and why have I never heard of them before?

That lack of quality control exists in part because we advertise that “anyone can be a leader” if they follow certain guidelines, maximize their strengths, grasp their personality, or whatever the selling point of any individual program is. What is the result? People undergo leadership training and qualify themselves as a leader, they obtain leadership positions, and without any metric to compare themselves to, they may fail.

Our government has not passed an appropriate budget in years and is constantly on the verge of shutdown. The creators of social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have largely tricked their users into providing extensive personal information via complex terms of service. Leadership is failing, and I believe that fraternity and sorority are contributing that failure by providing extensive leadership education without an equal focus on apprenticeship and real-world practice.

With that in mind I set out to create a bar for leadership. How can we determine which individuals are exceptional leaders, and how can we distinguish them from other leaders? The result is Chief Law.screenshot-32


“Chief” is defined as the ruler of a people or clan (if a noun) and, “most important,” (if an adjective). We’re combining the two. In short, Chief Law defines the most important leaders in a field of practice, regardless of their title, privilege or fanbase.

It is an aspirational level of leadership beyond the use of the word “Chief” in titles such as “Chief Executive Officer” (CEO). Those titles vary in meaning, duties and qualifications, like many other words.

For example, “Epic” is used to describe this:


but also this:

Establishing a pinnacle for leadership, defining that pinnacle as clearly as possible, and acknowledging that most will never reach such a pinnacle may be the dose of humility we all (myself included) need. In the world of fraternity and sorority affairs, we place a high value on having received leadership education or certifications. It enables many recent graduates to claim the title of “expert,” and many more to take positions of leadership without post-graduate leadership experience.

Of course, it’s not just our field of work, this just happens to be a fraternity-focused blog. . .

It’s time to implement some quality control across the board of leadership. Here are the 5 Tenants of Chief Law. Continued