The Collegiate Freedom of Association Act: A Legislative Response to Harvard University & Deferred Recruitment Mandates

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Harvard enacted a policy preventing students who join single-sex organizations from taking positions of leadership on campus and from receiving letters of recommendation for some scholarships in May of 2016. There was immediate pushback from the fraternity/sorority world, and Harvard … Continued

How 2 Federal Anti-Hazing Bills Would Affect Reporting & Fraternity Liability

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Update: This post has been updated for accuracy (related to the FSPAC’s structure & fraternity lobbying) and clarity. Please keep in touch on twitter @FraternityNik with feedback or corrections! The Fraternity/Sorority Political Action Committee (FSPAC) often presents at major inter/national … Continued

How Racial & Religious Desegregation Triggered “Big Fraternity”

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It’s been almost nine years since I started blogging about the structure and politics of Fraternity/Sorority Life. Many things have changed in the years since I launched “” in 2011. I think I am better at naming websites, for example. … Continued