The Collegiate Freedom of Association Act: A Legislative Response to Harvard University & Deferred Recruitment Mandates

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Harvard enacted a policy preventing students who join single-sex organizations from taking positions of leadership on campus and from receiving letters of recommendation for some scholarships in May of 2016. There was immediate pushback from the fraternity/sorority world, and Harvard … Continued

How 2 Federal Anti-Hazing Bills Would Affect Reporting & Fraternity Liability

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Update: This post has been updated for accuracy (related to the FSPAC’s structure & fraternity lobbying) and clarity. Please keep in touch on twitter @FraternityNik with feedback or corrections! The Fraternity/Sorority Political Action Committee (FSPAC) often presents at major inter/national … Continued

How Racial & Religious Desegregation Triggered “Big Fraternity”

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It’s been almost nine years since I started blogging about the structure and politics of Fraternity/Sorority Life. Many things have changed in the years since I launched “” in 2011. I think I am better at naming websites, for example. … Continued

3 Ways The NIC & Piazzas Can Improve The Coalition To Prevent Dangerous Hazing

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The coalition is great in its concept, but it relies too heavily on others to act for anything to change. We can change how we are insured, we can change how we report statistics, and we can influence what qualifies for “standards” and why generic, catch-all checklists impede the progress of the fraternity experience.