Why Weren’t These Talks Broadcast By Fraternities?

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In another post I labeled the greatest competitor to any one fraternity or sorority as TED Talks for a simple reason; TED elevates and promotes its “members” in modern ways that our organizations seem desperate to avoid. 

Here are some TED Talks that could have easily been hosted, published or heavily promoted by the fraternities and sororities of which the speakers are members.

As more are uncovered, I’ll update this post!

Instead, we are forced to utilize a third-party source which seems more attractive to our brightest members and more accessible than the organizations they’ve sworn their lives to. We can serve as a platform for these conversations to occur. The point is not to take positions as organizations, but to allow our members to shine by building a platform for their use.

Matt Mattson – Well known in the fraternity & sorority world as one of the founders of Phired Up Productions, Matt takes a concept he has used within the field of Fraternity & Sorority to a wider audience. A key demonstration of the value we can add to society.

Jackie Bradshaw – A personal story of coming out as a lesbian to a sorority (hear that Harvard?)

William Dodd – A talk which alludes to the effect of 24/7 reporting and C-SPAN on politics and its effect on the work of the Senate.